[Bug 9589] Static / Scratchy Sound with OSS in Call of Duty

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Fri Dec 21 19:33:50 CST 2007


--- Comment #9 from Gerald Folcher <geraldf2 at free.fr>  2007-12-21 19:33:49 ---
Hello again,

In Grand Prix Legends, starting from Wine 0.9.50 or maybe 0.9.49
(haven't tested this one), sound is now ok (like it was with Wine
0.9.42), but now the sound seems to affects performance very very
badly (not only framerate is low but it stutters (there are sort of
pause/warps)) when near other cars (ie: in the pit lane). It seems to
be related to sound (mixing ?) because after turning sound off with
winecfg the game is running smooth again (like 0.9.42 does with sound
(btw, I'm still using 0.9.42, I love it), or like 0.9.48 does with
scratchy/bad sound). (It seems tho that this performance problem may
not be as evident on high performance computers as someone told me he
didn't had this problem on his computer (that is much more powerful
than mine, at least for the CPU), so it may require a not too recent
computer to trigger the problem.)

But as far as Grand Prix Legends and this scratchy sound bug are
concerned it seems resolved (I'll probably open a new bug report for
the new sound/performance bug, and consider regression testing if I

Btw sorry to bring a bad news with the good one, tho maybe it's not

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