[Bug 10841] Wine does not restore display resolution when it's looses focus

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--- Comment #9 from Sébastien Bertrand <thedamocles at gmail.com>  2007-12-22 13:56:10 ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> If the program does not restore display resolution when it's loosing focus,
> then Wine should do that (of course depends on the coop mode for ddraw, and
> fullscreen mode for d3d). Unless Wine doesn't tell program that they lost
> device (the d3d DEVICE_LOST).
> Wine's x11drv indeed supports dynamic resolution changes. But something needs
> to ask to do so.
> So do not mention virtual desktop - it's irrelevant here. 

I assume that I've been very unclear. I apologize for that. Your summary is far

> This is about full
> screen mode only. And _ONLY_ if you have "managed" checked in winecfg (default
> configuration).

That's ok, it's what I'm talking about.

> So Sébastien Bertrand <thedamocles at gmail.com> what is the program are you
> talking about? Is it using OpenGL/DDraw/D3D? What Wine version? What OS?

So I mainly use Wine for games. This problem appears with the following games
(I'm not sure but I think it's OpenGL games) :
* Steam Games (Half Life, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic)
* Warcraft III and his extension Frozen Throne
* World of Warcraft

Wine version : wine-0.9.51
OS : GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 7.10)

When I switch from the game to the desktop, it seems firstly that the desktop
tries to restore its own resolution, but then, after many modification of the
resolution (2 or 3), the desktop adopt the resolution of the game. It seems
that there is also some differences between "wine Warcraft\ III.exe -opengl"
and "wine Warcraft\ III.exe" commands, because with the second command,
Warcraft III do not accept to lose focus, unless you switch to another "GNOME
virtual desktop" (this time I'm speaking about GNOME virtual desktop, Wine have
nothing to do with it). With the -opengl parameter, Warcraft III accept to lose
focus inside a GNOME virtual desktop. In both case, the resolution of the
desktop is the resolution of the game.

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