[Bug 10841] Wine does not restore display resolution when it's looses focus

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> (In reply to comment #6)
> > I talk about the fact that when I switch between an application in fullscreen
> > run by Wine and my desktop, Wine force my desktop to the resolution of the
> > application in fullscreen. As I made a tested with Savage, it's not a problem
> > of Gnome or X.
> Must be Savage is doing extra work to compensate for the X11/WM deficiency
> of managing windows running in different resolution modes. Wine is not
> a Window Manager of any kind, in order to properly fix this problem the fix
> should be made on the X11/WM/OS side instead. You forget that OS *already*
> manages switching display modes between X11 and text consoles, the same
> thing should be done for X11 processes.

Well, I do not think so, because when I launch Warcraft III in fullscreen, and
switch to my desktop, firstly the desktop tries to restore its own resolution
and then it switches to the resolution of the game. I assume that Wine forces
the desktop to the resolution of the game. In fact there is a sort of "flash"
in 1280x768 and the resolution of the desktop becomes 1024x768.

Nothing like this happens with Savage. I will try to find some open source
Windows game to track this bug down.

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