[Bug 10477] Weird graphics with vertex shaders in Soul Reaver 2 Demo

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Thu Dec 27 09:06:31 CST 2007


--- Comment #6 from L. Rahyen <mail at science.su>  2007-12-27 09:06:28 ---
> I have tested the Soul Reaver 2 full version with wine 0.9.51 and can say
> that this issue does not affect me.

I still have this problem (with NVIDIA GeForce 8) with latest git. What video
card and drivers you are using?

By the way, did you tested this problem properly? As I have said this bug only
can be seen in Spectral Realm. This is also true for Main Menu: game starts and
menu looks normally "at first glance" but after some time (maybe 20-40 seconds)
scene behind menu switches to Spectral Realm and I see same problem as on this
screenshot: http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=9212 . To see this problem
in-game you must switch to the Spectral Realm.

Normally you will spend about 50% of time in Spectral Realm but in the
beginning of the game you start in physical realm so you need to switch to the
Spectral Realm yourself (see your Controls on how to do that; alternatively
simply find a enemy and wait until he/she kill you - in this case you will be
"switched" to the Spectral Realm automatically).

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