[Bug 10822] Dymola: gcc fails compiling simulation

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Thu Dec 27 14:44:32 CST 2007


--- Comment #5 from Hans Leidekker <hans at it.vu.nl>  2007-12-27 14:44:31 ---
Found the bug. Dymola calls _spawnvp("as") with PATH set to
C:\\PROG~FBU\\Dymola\\egcs\\bin and expects
C:\\PROG~FBU\\Dymola\\egcs\\bin\\as.exe to get launched.

This works with native msvcrt but builtin only tries with
.exe appended after _searchenv turned up nothing and ends up
calling CreateProcess on just "as.exe", which fails.

A trace with native msvcrt reveals that _spawnvp tries .com,
.exe, .bat and .cmd as extensions, in that order, searching the
current directory first and then any directory specified in PATH.

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