[Bug 10797] Aliens versus Predator text rendering faulty

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Fri Dec 28 13:08:57 CST 2007


--- Comment #11 from Alexander Dorofeyev <alexd4 at inbox.lv>  2007-12-28 13:08:56 ---
Andrew, how did you get that thing on "screenshot from 0.9.51"? Is there
anything specific that must be done to reproduce? It's unlike anything I've
seen. Of course, it might have been fixed by some changes I've done, but I
can't see how - bugs I've been fixing are mostly related to texturing and
rasterizing, and this looks more like some positioning / coordinate issue.
Maybe it's some weird resolution that confuses the game?

BTW some good news are that multiple fixes by me and another dev already made
it to git, and I'm working on some last remaining issues. Not counting the
issue on that screenshot, I think the visuals in this game will be in order
soon enough. Of course, there are multiple nasty bugs still, speaking of which,
it would be nice to update some AVP1 bugzilla entries where info is outdated,
esp. the "random crash". Please see if you can get a
+tid,+dsound,+ddraw,+ddraw_thunks,+d3d,+d3d_surface log of a crashed session
(last 5-10 thousand lines of course, as it will be huge). It's reproducible on
my own machine pretty easily, but crash logs from different machines can be
helpful, to see if there's some variety. From what I understand, it doesn't
matter much what you do in game - it's just a question of time until it

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