[Bug 9433] Problem through the registration of C++ 2005

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--- Comment #11 from Yolande Haneder <yolande at haneder.biz>  2007-12-28 13:46:06 ---
It just came to my mind,

With your Winetrick, you are using the default Wine (Win2000).
On win2000 it is fine, however I am using XP as default because of the .NET 2
and the fact that Trados is working best with XP. Otherwise, even with working
with the Windows Installer 3.1 (which is installing without problems on 2000 or
XP) if it were only for C++ I would have used win2000.

I have the feeling some of the function are not implemented and it is a reason
for the crash.

As I can see in an older test, there are 

not implemented and the crash has something to do with assemblies

which are specific to XP, according to Microsoft. I have the feeling this had
to do with the Winsxs because the day it went through on the other place, I had
a winSxs copied from Windows. However there must be something more because even
since I started using Wine (0.9.37), it never worked here even with a windows
sxs until Wine had its own.

I wish somebody else could get the same installer as me through, maybe my
problem is too specific.

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