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--- Comment #3 from Yohan <bozo_ymhf at yahoo.fr>  2007-12-29 19:46:33 ---
ok, I tried, but without any result.
Here is the chronology of my tests.

1- I removed the ~/.wine directory
2- I launched ArtRage to see, Wine rebuild the .wine directory => still no
pressure sensibility
3- I installed Photoshop 7, and tried, no pressure sensibility (although I
really configured "pen pressure" in "Brushes/shape dynamics")
4- I installed Photoshop CS2 (to see) nothing more.
5- I unsinstalled the whole WINE application (using synaptics)
6- I rebooted the PC (to be sure)
7- I tested Gimp to be sure that my tablet works, Gimp is still all right,
perfect pressure detection.
8- I installed the latest Wine version 0.9.52 using apt-get install wine
9- I installed Photoshop 7, and tried, but no pressure sensibility.
10- I installed open canvas, but no pressure ...

I forgot to be precise in my words, when I say "no pressure sensibility", it
means "the cursor acts like a simple mouse, only two levels are detected on and
off, instead of multiple pressure nuances".

One last thing, if you want to test ArtRage yourself, you'll have to import a
DLL "Gdiplus.dll" in your wine DLL directories. Of course it's not connected to
the Photoshop problem. Let's resolve the photoshop problem first.

I appreciate your help.

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