[Bug 10797] Aliens versus Predator text rendering faulty

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Sat Dec 29 21:22:30 CST 2007


--- Comment #13 from Alexander Dorofeyev <alexd4 at inbox.lv>  2007-12-29 21:22:30 ---
Andrew: I mean not the red boxes, but this


Where some hud text items (like ammo) are somehow "displaced" out of screen
(bottom) partly. Red boxes should be gone in 0.9.52 (that proposed fix by me
was improved by another dev and it got into git just before .52 release :) ).
Well mostly, because ironically there was a regression in loading screen which
was ok previously, but that'll be fixed soon, too.

I think this strange thing with hud elements getting out of screen may be
something with resolutions. On one occasion when I selected some weird one in
fullscreen mode, I saw something similar to this screenshot. It could've been
my monitor auto-adjust not working properly, for all I know. I didn't yet
seriously debug that. In normal/standart resolutions (like 800x600, 640x480)
everything is always ok, in both full screen and "desktop emulation" modes.
That's why I ask what resolutions / modes you get such problem in.

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