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--- Comment #10 from alper <alper_arikan at hotmail.com>  2007-12-30 17:01:14 ---
I agree with ph, the transparent colors are pink in the game which is annoying.
I thought this was an OS problem but it is not. It is not also related with
resoltion, cpu and gpu power, ram is not even the case. any single Compability
options work for a solution.

First i tried on my laptop acer 5920G (With Vista, 8600GT Gpu, core 2 duo
2,4Ghz) The text are pink, and pinks and other letters are clear and scrolling
is somehow slower than usual (it is annoying, and there are no options for
speeding up scrolling) but the rest is ok.

Then i thought it was because of Vista so i tried it on my ex-laptop Hp
Pavillion 5827EA (With Xp Sp2, 7400 Go GPU, core duo 1,8 GHz) The text were
pink and also other letters are distorted (pop-up text for options,map, end
turn etc) So distorted that they are barely readable. However, scrolling is
normal, which makes the game more playable.

Then i tried it on my desktop pc, (an AMD64 3500Mhz cpu with 1GB ram, Nvidia
Geforce 6150 (on board) with Xp Sp2), guess what? The pink is gone, transparent
color is restored and scrolling is fine. But this time, again the bottom
letters (and graphics) are still distorted. 

There is something i never thought about, the screen shape. My all laptops are
widescreen (15,4") and desktop is not (19") So i believe it is a matter of
screen shape. But in anyway i am not able to understand the distortion of
bottom graphics.

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