[Bug 6577] After upgrade, the demo fr-038: theta is broken

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Fri Feb 9 04:57:45 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From stefandoesinger at gmx.at  2007-09-02 04:57 -------
You can test if the secound regression is caused by incorrect dirtification of 
the state, or by (accidental) changes to the loading code. You can tell that 
by simply forcing an update of shader constants before each draw, as described 

http://wiki.winehq.com/D3DStateManagement, chapter "Debugging".

So basically add the following line dlls/wined3d/drawprim.c, function 
drawPrimitive(), after the applying loop after ENTER_GL():


If you are using the latest git code, and my patches from yesterday are in, 
the location changed slightly, from drawprim.c to context.c, and the line 
would be
This->stateBlock, context); . Search for "case CTXUSAGE_DRAWPRIM", and insert 
that line after the for loop.

If that fixes the problem, the state is not dirtified correctly. Otherwise, 
the code applying the state has a bug.

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