[Bug 7371] Steinberg License Manager lcc.exe does not run, causes many ole:err

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Mon Feb 12 11:28:12 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-12-02 11:28 -------

i hacked wine/dlls/ntdll/signal_i386.c:set_cpu_context to see how far it gets.

739     if (flags & CONTEXT_FULL)
740     {
741         if ((flags & CONTEXT_FULL) != (CONTEXT_FULL & ~CONTEXT_i386))
742             FIXME( "setting partial context (%x) not supported\n", flags );
743         else
744             __wine_call_from_32_restore_regs( context );
745     }

In this case i ignored the partial flags 0x13: CONTEXT86_CONTROL |
__wine_call_from_32_restore_regs() right away.
Restore the missing CONTEXT86_SEGMENTS seem to have no negative effect at all.

To fix this right, __wine_call_from_32_restore_regs (e.g.
relay.c:BuildCallFrom32Regs(void) needs implement partial context stuff.

Maybe full context restore even if partial requested could be made default.
Yet to see what kind of app bumps on this...

Ok. It got further with context "hack".
Hangs in RPCRT4 (had to CTRL+C).

trace:secur32:MakeSignature 0x7b6bf0 0 0x618a4760 0
err:rpc:RPCRT4_SecurePacket MakeSignature failed with 0x80090301
trace:rpc:RPCRT4_CloseBinding (Binding == ^0x1ce838)
trace:rpc:RPCRT4_process_packet freeing Buffer=0x19e570

wine/dlls/secur32/wrapper.c:MakeSignature gets bad stuff

---- snip ---
SECURITY_STATUS WINAPI MakeSignature(PCtxtHandle phContext, ULONG fQOP,
 PSecBufferDesc pMessage, ULONG MessageSeqNo)

    TRACE("%p %d %p %d\n", phContext, fQOP, pMessage, MessageSeqNo);
    if (phContext)
        SecurePackage *package = (SecurePackage *)phContext->dwUpper;
        PCtxtHandle ctxt = (PCtxtHandle)phContext->dwLower;
---- snip ---

"phContext" ok, "package" and "ctxt" both NULL

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