[Bug 7456] New: Sigma Photo Pro 2.1 installer crashes at very very end

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Sat Feb 17 08:19:39 CST 2007


           Summary: Sigma Photo Pro 2.1 installer crashes at very very end
           Product: Wine
           Version: CVS
          Platform: Other
               URL: http://www.sigmaphoto.com/support/camerasb_sd10_download
        OS/Version: other
            Status: NEW
          Keywords: download, Installer
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: wine-setupapi
        AssignedTo: wine-bugs at winehq.org
        ReportedBy: dank at kegel.com

Installing Sigma Photo Pro seems to require
that the setup.exe be in the current directory;
if you start it with
  wine installers/sigmapro-setup.exe
it fails with the warning
0009:warn:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"installers%002Fsigmapro-Setup.exe"
not found in /home/dank/.wine/dosdevices/z:/home/dank
(Whacky.  Where did that URL encoding come from?)

Once you cd to the directory containing the setup, 
you can run it fine.  However, it crashes after it
"reboots the system", with error
Call from 0x7ee5dc10 to unimplemented function setupapi.dll.SetupSetSourceListA,

The app can be used anyway; the crash seems to simply be an annoyance.

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