[Bug 7467] AutoIT 3 Scripts do not run due to error.

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Sun Feb 18 14:38:40 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-18-02 14:38 -------

next time you supply an executable, make sure you uncheck "UPX Stub" option when
using aut2exe tool.
Packed/protected executable add unnecessary overhead while
debugging/disassembling target.

>From what i've seen its a bug in autoit software itself and can be considered
harmless (at least in this case).
The compiled script app runs fine.
OleUninitialize() gets called in app shutdown code without any previous call to
Wine is a bit chattier about mismatched OLE init/uninit reference count - hence
the error message.
Native windows ole just ignores mismatched counts.

You could fix it by creating a "fake" ole object in your script like
$objShell = ObjCreate ("Shell.Application")
which implicitly calls ole init. The cleanup uninit whould then match.

Just report the bug to the authors of the autoit software.
They should use some flag to balance a call to OleUninitialize in their shutdown
code when OleInitialize has been called once (or not).


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