[Bug 7040] Noteworthy composer 2: Strange font display for certain notes

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Wed Jan 3 04:41:31 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From choppy at free.fr  2007-03-01 04:41 -------
Rick G. from the NWC2 forum told me it can come out from the fact that it's a
_Symbol_ font, but my knowledge doesn't go that far:

Quote from: my font editor (Softy) documentation
When assigning codes for the Microsoft map, these should be Unicode values.
Windows remaps these when the font is installed. For Symbol fonts, which should
have codes starting at 0xf020, Windows assumes that the first character
corresponds to a space (code 0x20, decimal 32), then that the next 223 character
codes map to (decimal) 33-255. 0xf000 is added to the input value when a glyph
is mapped to a character in this context. For UGL character sets, the following
mappings are made to produce the Windows ANSI character set where the Unicode
value is not the same as the Windows character set value.

Mapped to   From
130 (0x82)   8218   (0x201A)   8th upflag
131 (0x83)     402   (0x0192)  16th upflag
132 (0x84)   8222   (0x201E)  32nd upflag
133 (0x85)   8230   (0x2026)  64th upflag
134 (0x86)   8224   (0x2020)
135 (0x87)   8225   (0x2021)   8th downflag
136 (0x88)     710   (0x02C6)  16th downflag
137 (0x89)   8240   (0x2030)  32nd downflag
138 (0x8A)     352   (0x0160)  64th  downflag

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