[Bug 7064] Drakan crashes with a page fault

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Wed Jan 3 13:22:54 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From cyberfrag at gmx.net  2007-03-01 13:22 -------
I'm sorry - I'm a bit confused now.

I asked on IRC how to handle this situation and was told by Enverex to depend
the new bug on this one. I explicitly asked, because I was unsure whether to
file 7071 or not, as 7064 needs to be fixed in order for developers to verify
7071 (you can't really verify a graphical glitch if the game crashes before you
see any graphics).

So - how else do I tell developers that a bug can only be verified when another
bug is fixed first? Or should I (contrary to what was said on IRC) not file bugs
like 7071 in the first place?

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