[Bug 6997] NFS Most Wanted: Execution of glDrawArrays (drawStridedFast) takes 1 second +

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Wed Jan 3 14:45:24 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From e0425955 at student.tuwien.ac.at  2007-03-01 14:45 -------
I've written a DX9 program with wineLib which tries something similar, rendering
to a texture and then painting this texture onto a primitve and I could
reproduce this rendering-gets-stuck (slowness) issue, although this time it
turns out it occurs when copying to texture in the depth_copy function when FBO
is enabled (where the output visual is correct), and doesn't when using
backbuffer for offscreen rendering (but the result is different, I see what was
rendered to texture and not the surface with the texture on it with backbuffer,
or both). Maybe the slowness is really a graphics driver bug ...

When not setting the TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER parameter in depth_copy the slowness is
gone but I don't see anything (FBO).

As for the black background in NFSMW, enabling the save texture to file stuff in
drawprim shows that all textures that have been rendered to and are subsequently
used for rendering are plain white.

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