[Bug 7069] starting win32-version of tomcat fails with a "jvm_bind" or "java.util.TimeZone.getTimeZone" error message

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Thu Jan 4 02:31:19 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From privet56 at hotmail.com  2007-04-01 02:31 -------
1. the two attachments in txt-format
   show the complete terminal output (of tomcat)
1.1. "complete console output of wine-jre-tomcat call"
      (jvm_bind error)
      (with jre 1.6)
      (incorrect "Address already in use" error message)
      (the URL localhost:8089 is not reachable)
1.2. "complete console output of wine-jre-tomcat call (jre 1.5)
      -> ZoneInfoFile err msg"
      (tomcat did not start!)

2. yes, it was my first attempt, to install jre and tomcat instead of copying.
   I detected, that there are no relevant differences
   between copying and installing.
   The differences between copying and installing affect only in 
   some created shortcuts...

3. yes, i removed the "~/.wine" directory to have a clean system
   before testing...
   (at first start of wine after removing the directory, this directory
    will be created and filled again)

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