[Bug 6997] NFS Most Wanted: Execution of glDrawArrays (drawStridedFast) takes 1 second +

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Thu Jan 4 06:52:03 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From e0425955 at student.tuwien.ac.at  2007-04-01 06:52 -------
Remove depth_blt does help since the slowdown actually occurs when calling
glVertex (so it must be the very texture access in the shader, it helps removing
it), as I forgot to mention. I can't reproduce such a condition that causes the
slowdown using OpenGL myself, but it seems Cedega can ...

But I don't understand why the depth blit has to happen in the first place since
I haven't bound an offscreen depth surface (only did SetRenderTarget(0,
texSurface), not enabled depth testing, and the result isn't any different when
removing the depth_blt (although this could be because of the simplicity of the

And in this context I don't fully understand the (purpose of the) function, to
me it looks like the onscreen depth buffer is copied to texture and then the
depth values of the texture are written to the FBO depth surface, which isn't
bound, that means back to the onscreen depth buffer ?

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