[Bug 6086] Master of Orion 2 hangs as soon as mouse is moved

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Thu Jan 4 10:31:01 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From ville.aakko at gmail.com  2007-04-01 10:31 -------
Just to make sure, I'll elaborate the problem (I thought someone already did,
but couldn't find it anymore above, so it is possible others miss it too); the
mouse doesn't stop moving in every part of the game, at least on my setup. For
example, the main menu works OK, as does the main galaxy screen, and Colony
screen. But there are problems in at least the following:

- New game screen (galaxy size, age, number of players etc. selection screen)
- Load game
- Custom race creation
- Game menu (the button in the top of the screen in main game screen)

In these screens the mouse (i.e. the MOO2 cursor - system cursor still moves)
and keyboard input hangs after a few seconds. In my experience it doesn't matter
if you actually try to interface with the game or not when it's about to hang
(it's as if there is a timer or a buffer that get's filled up). Stopping the
game process (or wineserver) for a while and continuing it makes the mouse move
for a few seconds again. Sometimes clicks and keypresses done after the hang are
registered after giving CONT signal. The same applies for the keyboard. Also
note that the game doesn't seem to actually hang or crash (music continues
playing), the problem is only that no input gets registred by the game, making
it unplayable. It's actually difficult to say if the game has hung or not,
because most of the game graphics are static (i.e. mouse cursor is the only
moving part in the game usually), but given that successive STOP and CONT
signals kind of work around the problem suggests there is only problems in the
input handling (?).

I'm also using wine 0.9.28, on Gentoo and Kernel 2.6.19, glibc 2.4 and gcc
4.1.1. Adrian, what is the current glibc and gcc version in Debian? 

As for bug #881, I'm also experiencing that and have been AFAICR. That bug is
way older than this one.

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