[Bug 6086] Master of Orion 2 hangs as soon as mouse is moved

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Fri Jan 5 12:12:10 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From ville.aakko at gmail.com  2007-05-01 12:12 -------

I disagree with comment #31.

The problem I've described is identical to this bug IMHO. The cursor hangs
exatcly as described by the original reporter. Although the description gives
the impression the hang happens right away in the main manu, in comments #2 and
#20, and the two most recent test result entries in the appdb, give the
impression that the main menu might work OK. That's what I'm experiencing also,
and wanted to make it clear in comment #30, so that possible tries to reproduce
the bug are done further than in the main menu. Also I believe my observation
about the effect of STOP and CONT kill signals is consistent with comments #6
and #21 (I believe going to the logout menu gives stop kill signal for all GUI

Just to make sure, I tried the patch from #31 in wine 0.9.28, and also compiled
from the newest CVS (was too lazy to install GIT, but I believe the newest CVS
is the same as GIT for now). It had no effect on this bug.

Instead, bug #6033 is totally different to what I described in comment #30.
Fallout 2 newer hangs the input totally (only makes it slow and inaccurate)
whereas in Moo2 it does. I believe that bug #6033 should not be linked to Moo2
in appdb.

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