[Bug 3697] Evil Genius does not run

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Sat Jan 6 19:19:40 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From helge at helges.dk  2007-06-01 19:19 -------
I see...

But anyway, if people want an easy way to at least get it running, this could be
an opportunity. After copying the files, you can always uninstall IEs4Linux.
IEs4Linux doesn't do anything except automatize the installation of a lot of
native Windows components (downloaded from microsoft.com), so I would say that,
in some way, it's not _directly_ related in that way (I think we're still only
talking about Wine + Evil Genius).
Maybe I should try finding out exactly which components are needed by Evil
Genius, and then we can continue from there :)  I guess it's just a matter of
trial and error, seeing how many native component I can disable.
I hope this is not a stupid question, but what are your policies about native
Windows files? And... well... I didn't bother to read any of Microsoft's license
agreements to be honest, but is it legal to freely download something from
microsoft.com and use it in a non-Windows environment?

Anyway, I'm still unable to play the game due to the RAM leak. I'm not a skilled
programmer (or Linux user for that sake), so I don't really know how to approach
this problem.
It would be great if someone knowledgeable could help troubleshooting the
problem. I'll gladly spend some more hours trying to find the bug, if anyone has
any suggestion what I should try next.

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