[Bug 4032] Crash when trying to install 16bit InstallShield based programs.

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Sun Jan 7 17:19:28 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From milan.jakl at seznam.cz  2007-07-01 17:19 -------
Hi, I still have this bug. I can't install BG2 either IWD2. Either form cd/rom
or from directory, either as user or as root. Nothing works.
 With IWD2 the installation is terminated with popup window at 3 percents of
instalation procces. The popup win. says Do u really want to cancel installation.
 With BG2 running "sudo wine /media/cdrom0/setup.exe" installation ends with
"Internal failure" popup window. "Error number: 0x80040707".
I'm using Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 - wine 0.9.28
Is there any chance i can run bg or iwd on linux using wine????
Ciko - Czech republic

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