[Bug 7091] Eets: crashes at startup

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Tue Jan 9 09:49:15 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From paran+wine at lysator.liu.se  2007-09-01 09:49 -------
> Please, software/emulated shaders have no meaning - do not use them.

Please, don't put settings with no meaning in winecfg - users will use them.

> If anything, try with GLSL enabled.

I didn't know that support existed. The only place this seems to be 
documented is this wiki-page http://wiki.winehq.org/DirectX-Shaders that I 
have found after your comment.

Anyway, enabling UseGLSL don't seem to make any difference. Tell me if you 
wan't a trace with it enabled.

> Please update your OS/Hardware

Could you be a bit more specific with what I need to update?

I already run the latest released Ubuntu (6.10, released 2006-10-26). The 
only thing I can think of that might need upgrading is the NVIDIA drivers. 
6.10 has version 1.0.8776 and I know that the 1.0.9***-drivers have some 
major improvements. Do Wine need the 9***-drivers for all shader support?

You also mention hardware. My graphics card is a GeForce FX5200 which 
supports shaders 2.0 (with poor performance), but this game only requires 
DirectX 8.

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