[Bug 6495] Civilization 2 crashes on load after game complains about audio driver

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------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2007-10-01 00:06 -------
+relay,+wave shows the interesting bit of the log:

000c:Call MMSYSTEM.406: WAVEOUTPREPAREHEADER(8000,2ac70000,0020) ret=13f7:7291
000c:Call winealsa.drv.wodMessage(00000000,00000007,ffffffff,008e002c,00000020)
trace:wave:ALSA_wodMessage (0, WODM_PREPARE, FFFFFFFF, 008E002C, 00000020);
000c:Ret  winealsa.drv.wodMessage() retval=00000008 ret=7d747324
000c:Ret  MMSYSTEM.406: WAVEOUTPREPAREHEADER() retval=00000008 ret=13f7:7291 ds=16cf
000c:Call MMSYSTEM.403: WAVEOUTGETERRORTEXT(0008,16cf:99a4,00c8) ret=13f7:58c1
000c:Call kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte(00000000,00000000,008e0820 L"This
function is not supported. Use the Capabilities function to determine which
functions and messages the driver
supports.",ffffffff,006b2fe4,000000c8,00000000,00000000) ret=7d75b60b

There was some activity around WODM_PREPARE in 2005, see e.g.
No idea why they took that out, guess it was busted.

To work around the crash, use winecfg to disable all sound.  The
game then continues.  (It hangs with a blank screen on
my system; maybe it wants an 8 bit per pixel screen, I haven't
tried restarting X with --depth 8 yet.)

Incidentally, installing the game is a pain for two reasons:
1) the cd-rom has to be the current directory, or the
installer will silently hang; +file reveals it's looking for
a file on the cd-rom without using a drive letter or absolute path.
2) the Z order of the windows is whacked out; once you use alt-tab
to see the README window, you then have to move the readme window
out of the way before you see the installer dialog.

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