[Bug 7146] Could not rotate btimap fonts !

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Thu Jan 11 14:28:28 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From lubos at next176.sk  2007-11-01 14:28 -------
I have in /wine-0.9.29/fonts/ directory both FON and FNT files. Another way I 
tryied original font from windows converted via wine tools. Same problem.

When I changed in System.reg in section software/microsoft/windows 
nt/currentversion/fonts font setting to "Ms Sans Serif"="arial.ttf". Font 
arial is displayed except ms sans.. and text angle now works (also in tabsheet 
with right tabs too!).

Is FON or FNT font bitmap or vector ? Is possible that wine has not 
implemented bitmap font rotation? 

Another case is BOLD style for this font.. I cannot see MS SANS SERIF in 
bold - it's still displayed as normal. With true type like arial it works:/

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