[Bug 6086] Master of Orion 2 hangs as soon as mouse is moved

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Thu Jan 11 17:10:18 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From lhouk at lesliehouk.com  2007-11-01 17:10 -------
> Additional Comment #27 From Ville Aakko  2007-01-01 15:25
> AFAICR, Moo2 used to work on some wine versions past that,
> but now it doesn't.  Could it be that something else has
> been updated on most distributions, and that makes wineserver
> misbehave with Moo2?
> Can anyone confirm the last wine version in which Moo2 used
> to work (or works)?

My comment on MOO2 in the Wine Application Database at



"Beginning with the early 2005 releases of Wine, when running MOO2 the sound
tends to stutter badly, and it locks up if you so much as move the cursor too

Now I wish I had been more specific!  Still, does that help narrow it down?  I
remeber that I used to play MOO2 in Wine with no problems when I used to run
Xandros 1.x, back in 2004.  I searched a bit, but couldn't come up with a more
specific timeframe or version -- sorry.


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