[Bug 3023] bugs on the gui of orcad 9.2.2 under wine-20050524

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Thu Jan 11 23:04:36 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mikegardiner at bigpond.com  2007-11-01 23:04 -------
The inability to place new elements bug can be fixed by commenting out a line in
the dlls/user32/dialog.c file (in the 0.9.29 version it is line 894: if (hwnd ==
GetActiveWindow()) WINPOS_ActivateOtherWindow( hwnd );). 

Basically, I think this problem is caused by the window that the object is being
placed in losing focus when the dialog box for entering the data closes. This
causes the window to "lose its grip" of the element being placed, and when focus
returns to the window it no longer thinks it is placing an object. (The same
thing can be simulated in Windows - if you are in the middle of placing an
object, press Alt-Tab to switch to another application, then Alt-Tab again to
switch back to Orcad - the placing of an object is no longer occurring).

For now, I just get around this by removing the above mentioned line and
recompiling WINE. I don't really know enough about the sequencing of events in
WINE after a dialog box closes to submit this as a valid patch or to produce a
valid compliance test for it, however with this line removed I have not noticed
any side-effects with Orcad or other applications that I use with WINE.

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