[Bug 2398] OpenGL is only used on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn

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Wed Jan 17 20:51:27 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mail at science.su  2007-17-01 20:51 -------
> The black or corrupt overdraw problem seems to corelate well with graphics
> card.  Could it be as simple as "Graphics cards introduced in or after 2004
> seem fine, older cards have the bug"?

No it cannot. I have GeForce 7600 and tried different drivers (8xxx and 9xxx
from NVidia, NV free driver, VESA driver). Also I have tried old GeForce 4600
Ti with all above mentioned drivers. Bug is present everywhere! Anyway
current "fix" isn't a fix at all anyway. Only real and correct fix - create
child windows for OpenGL windows (there is some work has been done and even
some experimental patches has been created recently; read wine-devel list for
more info).

> See data carefully gathered by Lei Zhang

Only card that works is Quadro but almost everybody has GeForce. And problem
isn't in driver - I tried 9629 too with both new GeForce 7600 and old GeForce
4600 Ti. No difference. Anyway even when this hack works - it isn't works in
all cases anyway. Therefore I (and not only I) hope that Chris Robinson'
patches (when they will be ready) will be included in Wine tree soon. But for
now it has been at least proved that it is possible to create child windows for
OpenGL windows and resolve this bug forever without introducing new bugs and
without any performance problems.

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