[Bug 5774] udp traffic stop working after a time for dht/utorrent and kademlia/emule

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Thu Jan 18 15:34:26 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From scott at open-vote.org  2007-18-01 15:34 -------
In 0.9.29 this bug still persists.

I've been running eMule and utorrent for several days now.  Connecting to
servers in eMule works fine.  eMule can no longer connect to Kademlia - it will
start to connect and stay at the "connecting" stage for a while, but never get
there.  What's strange is that I can complete a connection to Kademlia when I
first start eMule.

Aside from spamming a bunch of "fixme:shell:SHGetFileInfoW This combination of
flags is not supported yet," eMule spits out this error:

fixme:winsock:WSACancelAsyncRequest (0xdf6c),stub

uTorrent seems to be working fine, although I can't tell if it's using UDP.

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