[Bug 7190] menus disappear from menubar in MDI app

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Sat Jan 20 13:53:28 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From scallegari at arces.unibo.it  2007-20-01 13:53 -------
I confirm that in later Wines (e.g. in 0.9.29) MDI is problematic.
this is a regression from previous Wines that did not show this issue


1) Menu entries disappear as described in above comment
2) A number of replicas of the icons for closing/minimizing/maximizing the MDI
subwindows appear...

As an example, you may consider running the LTspice windows application that is
freely avalilable at http://www.linear.com/designtools/softwareRegistration.jsp
(registration is in fact not required) and that was specifically coded to be
wine-friendly (it did not show any issue up to wine 9.9.22 or little more).

Open a circuit diagram (e.g. from the sample ones), run a simulation, select an
output signal and a waveform sub-window appears side to side with the circuit

Now: if select the circuit window you get the correct menu entries, but the
close/minimize/maximize icons are replicated twice.  If you select the waveform
window, the first menu entry is missing and the close/minimize/maximize icons
are missing too. If you keep closing the waveform window and rerunning the
simulation (to re-get a waveform window), progressively all the menu entries

This bug affects both the 0.9.29 on winehq for ubuntu and the 0.9.29 as
distributed by ubuntu in the edgy backports.

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