[Bug 6979] winex11.drv opengl initialization crashes on macos

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Sat Jan 20 14:31:17 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From thunderbird2k at gmx.net  2007-20-01 14:31 -------
The list of GLX extensions depends on the display/HDC while the list of GL
extensions depends a little bit on the context. You need a context in order to
be able to query the information. The list of GL extensions could in theory
change when you have a multicard system containing two totally different cards.
In such a situation you could get different results but the chance for this is
very unlikely. 

The issue only appears for this NV extension because the extension itself is
very strange. It are WGL functions introduced by a GL extension. The other
extensions are real WGL/GLX extensions of which the presence is not context
dependent. I'm also not aware of any other extensions with this issue. For now
strdup should be a fine way for fixing this. (or perhaps it is possible to find
a GLX extension which is around when this one is too)

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