[Bug 6691] TomTom Home doesn't find files it has downloaded in temporary directory

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Tue Jan 23 13:08:46 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From p.beard at blueyonder.co.uk  2007-23-01 13:08 -------
To install items 'HOME' uses two files.
The first is a .cab file which contains the update. The second file is a 
.toc file that contains information about the .cab file. This is where I 
have my problem.
the toc file is a xml file and contains the location of the cab file in the 

When the application reads the toc file it errors because it is unable to 
fine the cabinet file.
If I edit the path in the toc file to read 

It finds the cab file and installs the item just fine.

This is an ok work around that I don't mind doing. However there is one 
weekly update that is automatically put into the c:\windows\temp folder. It 
use the same method of toc/cab files however this happens automatically and 
when the app can't find the cab it then deletes them from C:\windows\temp. 
The workaround is to copy the toc and cab file out of the temp folder before 
acknowledging the error, then edit the toc and install as if it was a update in
the \TomTom\HOME\Downloads\ folder. 
This is slightly more frustrating.

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