[Bug 7247] UT2k4 sets mouse input bounds that restrict movements

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Tue Jan 23 20:34:22 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mail at science.su  2007-23-01 20:34 -------
> The bounds do seem to randomly appear

No, bounds isn't random. Imagine that your system cursor isn't hiden: when it
reachs bound of the screen (which isn't random at all of course) it stops.
Because game has its own cursor which moves depending on increments of the
system cursor postion bounds appears "random" to you but they are not. That
means that problem is because system mouse cursor isn't wrapped/recentered as

This maybe regression. For example I have game Postal 2 with same problem. But
this problem appeared recently i.e. with older Wine versions it (the mouse)
works perfectly (I know that I'm should do a regression test but I havn't time
for that currently; however I will do it in near future and then report proper
bug with results). Please try wine-0.9.24 for example and if it works you may
want to do a regression test. Unfortunately I havn't UT2k4 so I cannot help you
with that.

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