[Bug 6331] half life 2 display disappears until main steam app closed

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Thu Jan 25 13:13:16 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From jmspashett at gmail.com  2007-25-01 13:13 -------
Same behaviour with half life 1. 

Wine version 0.9.29 (OpenSuse binary release from sourceforge)
OpenSuse 10.2

1. Disable virtual desktop if enabled(winecfg)
2. start steam
3. start half life 1 or 2 (possibly others)
*Steam window is still displayed (known bug)
4.Press X to close steam window (to minimize it)
*Gnome desktop is displayed
5. right click on steam icon in Gnome tray
6. select any menu item
* Game is re-displayed. 

There is no window in Gnome's window manager list when wine runs in "full screen
mode" as opposed to "virtual desktop" whereby there is a window entry in Gnomes
list - the wine virtual window.

Can we not have a root window created even when wine is in full screen mode, so
that the window manager can be used to switch to it? A status window or what
have you. 

I am not able to produce a helpful screen shot for this problem.

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