[Bug 7220] IDA 5 demo fails to install

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Sat Jan 27 07:18:54 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From nog.lkml at gmail.com  2007-27-01 07:18 -------
Yes, it's still a problem.  It seems to me that wine's lieing about permissions
or something.  From a +virtual trace:

trace:virtual:NtMapViewOfSection handle=0x18 process=0xffffffff addr=(nil)
off=000000000 size=0 access=2
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView View: 0x400000 - 0x411fff (anonymous)
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x400000 - 0x411fff c-rWx
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_SetProt 0x400000-0x400fff c-r--
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView View: 0x400000 - 0x411fff (anonymous)
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x400000 - 0x400fff c-r--
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x401000 - 0x40afff c-rW-
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x40b000 - 0x40bfff c-rWx
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x40c000 - 0x40cfff c-rW-
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x40d000 - 0x40dfff c-rWx
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x40e000 - 0x40efff c-rW-
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x40f000 - 0x40ffff c-rWx
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_DumpView       0x410000 - 0x411fff c-rW-
trace:virtual:NtProtectVirtualMemory 0xffffffff 0x400000 00001000 00000040
trace:virtual:VIRTUAL_SetProt 0x400000-0x400fff c-rwx

So the correct permissions should be set, but they're not.

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