[Bug 6290] Day of Defeat: Source crashes with failed to lock index buffer

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Sun Jan 28 23:48:29 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From byteframe at yahoo.com  2007-28-01 23:48 -------
Forget that sound crap I just said, it might have an effect on performance, and
game hangs with alsa for me, but doesnt matter for this bug.

However, I may have a workaround/fix..

Changing the VideoMemorySize (see http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys ) to
256 (256mb 7900 GT) I never get this error, in fact, that game runs quite well
on my system (see below, as its quite specific). 

IF you read the blurb about the VideoMemorySize option, it would seem automatic
detection of the right ammount of memory (vs the 64 meg default probably getting
applied to sufferes of this bug) is not working. 

If anyone else could elaborate on this that would be great, but for the moment
im doing well. No interesting shaders work, nor does water, but im getting great

As far as the shaders, go I imagine Ill have to wait till the glsl implentation
gets mature, but if you see the above URL, there are options to enable what
support we currently have with it. Sounds like fun. 

(slackware 11.0, droplinegnome 2.16.3, xorg7.1.1 (upgraded from 6.9.0 with
slackware packages) nvidia 9746)

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