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------- Additional Comments From blakecmartin at gmail.com  2007-30-01 13:09 -------
I see some similarities and some differences. I should also mention that the
problem has since then gone away. I changed to Ubuntu to try out that distro,
then went back to Fedora, and the problems went away. Wine now runs fine; I'm
guessing that it's both a Fedora and a Wine issue, or something that's a bug in
Fedora that break only Wine (i.e. some piece of code only Wine uses).

Here are some notes from before my reinstall:

-I'm not using fglrx (I have an NVIDIA card), whereas the person in that Bug
7276 uses fglrx, and that seems to be related to their problem.

-Wine's hanging in the same C file; the error messages are similar, but there
are differences. I'm pretty new to Wine and I wouldn't be able to understand
what all the messages mean. All I know is that X11 is having a problem.

-I've tried both the RPM from Fedora and compiling the code. The result is the
same. Wine is the only program I'm ever had graphical issues with, both before
and after my reinstall of FC.

-Winemine used to load, but the UI was unresponsive. I could "see" the program,
but clicking on things did nothing, and I had to use kill -9 to get rid of it.

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