[Bug 6992] Vector NTI installer fails with "this module is not designed for direct execution"

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Tue Jan 30 17:29:47 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mk144210 at bcm.tmc.edu  2007-30-01 17:29 -------
Yes, I put the URL to the demo in the URL field of the bug. It is this:


This is a self-extracting cab file which will extract to c:\program files\Vector
NTI 10 Distributive\ or you can just extract it yourself. It will have the
setup.exe file. You can't get to this error by running setup.exe in a clean
install wine because it will try to install Microsoft components it needs first
(bundled), and after each it will reboot and leave a MsiExecuter.lnk in
c:\windows\profiles\yourusername\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\ which also, btw,
contains the wrong path to rundll32.exe. What you can do is after the first
reboot, this will reference c:\rundll32.exe so you can copy windows\rundll32.exe
to c:\, then do wine start MsiExecuter.lnk in the appropriate directory to
continue the installer. Then, it will look for rundll32.exe in the directory
where you ran that wine start command, so copy it there too next time you run
it. If you keep running that command after every time it says it will reboot and
die (another alternative is just to keep re-running the setup.exe program, but
then you have to answer questions about install each time), eventually it
installs (or thinks it installs, as MDAC actually requires IE) all the required
components and will proceed to its own install, where it says the dialog bog
"this module is not designed for direct execution." If you have native MSI
installed here, though, it works fine.

I am attaching a WINDEBUG=+msi log. I recommend if you want to debug it you use
the script I reference, which will download everything you need so you don't
have to do that convoluted thing I just described, just comment out the native
MSI section so it doesn't download that. The log file I am attaching is after
doing what I described, because that is the most "natural" way I can think of
launching the installer.


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