[Bug 8971] Quicken 2007 Home & Business gets C++ runtime error

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------- Additional Comments From truiken at gmail.com  2007-16-07 21:03 -------
> #1) I didn't "put" msvcr80.dll in system32, it was there.  I provided ls of
that to show it was there after running a install once again of Quicken home and
Business 2007.  

Makes no difference at all.  The presence or lack-thereof of msvcr80.dll is not
the problem.

> #2)I admit that i have an extreme lack of knowledge on this subject, does that
mean you need to be rude and condescending?

Please quote anything I have said that is rude or condescending.  I will also do
the same for what you have said:


> #3) The link you attached about side by side assemblies is specific to
.NET Framework 3.0, Quicken H&B doesn't use .NET 3.0

You're once again demonstrating your lack of understanding of the subject. 
Side-by-side assemblies and activation context support is implemented in the
operating system (starting with XP).  These two items are used by .NET, which is
not the operating system.  Regardless, loading msvcr80.dll requires sxs assembly
and actctx support.  Quicken H&B requires msvcr80.dll, thus this bug is a
duplicate of bug 6591.

> #4) Is there another way get assistance with a legitimate issue a user of wine
is having? I don't consider posting my issue and reporting a problem as a bug as
"spamming" the list.  I introduced myself as a noob, that does not mean you have
to gang up on me and basically leave me hanging

We helped you as much as anyone posting this bug would be helped.  We correctly
marked this bug as a duplicate of bug 6591.  From that point on, you either
contribute to the effort and find new information for bug 6591, implement sxs
assembly and actctx support in Wine, or wait till someone else does either one
of these things.  Yes, stubbornly reopening this bug report because of your
ignorance to the issue is spamming the list.  Trust me, you're annoying a lot of
people.  No, no one ganged up on you.  We monitored the bugzilla, one of the
many tasks available in the Wine project.

> #5) Please don't take time from your job to answer this.  I'd rather you take
the time from somewhere else.

No, I think I will.

> #6) If you close the bug, I have to re-open it to post my question until I get
a satisfactory answer.  If you don't know the answer to solving this, then,
leave it open until you do, or at least explain why you are closing this

If you reopen it, we'll have to close it.  Satisfactory answer to what question?
 The only possible questions you could have is why your bug exists, and why it
was marked a duplicate of bug 6591.  Both of these questions have been answered
multiple times, much to the annoyance of the rest of the community.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 6591 ***

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