[Bug 8147] CNC3Demo freezes the system when setting resolution

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Mon Jun 4 20:40:42 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From ajrich at earthlink.net  2007-04-06 20:40 -------
This still occurs in 0.9.38. As described earlier, the keyboard is utterly
powerless, but it is possible to log in through SSH and reboot the system.
Killing  the CNC3 processes through SSH does not free the screen.

To work around this bug, it is possible to edit the configuration file manually
with a text editor.

The file to edit is
/home/foo/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/foo/Application\ Data/Command\ \&\
Conquer\ 3\ Tiberium\ Wars/Profiles/bar/Options.ini

where foo is your *nix login, and bar is the name of the profile you created in

I've found that there isn't a necessary connection between setting the
resolution equal to your X server's default resolution after all - some
resolution changes cause the crash, others don't. Increasing the resolution is
more likely to crash than decreasing it.

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