[Bug 8085] DVD Shrink: Goes into infinite loop when Creating Class Enumerator

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Wed Jun 6 19:33:34 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From austinenglish at gmail.com  2007-06-06 19:33 -------
Louis: I'm not at the computer that I've been using to test this (just picked up
another computer cheap from someone moving), but I'll run the test on there. I
just installed wine 0.9.38, and it exhibits the same error, though it does give
another quartz error (Graphbuilder can't create a filter). I'm cloning wine-git
as we speak and will report back in a few hours.

Martin: Going back to wine 0.9.33 won't do much good. The problem would just
reoccur as soon as ubuntu packages 0.9.35 as the default version. Also, people
on other distributions, those building wine from source or those using the
Winehq's repositories are all currently having problems (if using wine version
=> 0.9.35). It's much better to debug and fix the problem in the source.

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