[Bug 8645] City of Heroes does not start

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Fri Jun 8 18:08:42 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From wine at eternaldusk.com  2007-08-06 18:08 -------
If I change my Windows version down to 98, CoH can do what I see it trying to do
in +relay debugs:  Open a window explaining it's crash.  Here's the text:

Assertion failed

Program: W:\games\CoH\cityofheroes.exe
Version: 14.20070524.4T
Time: Fri Jun 08 06:06:11 PM
Process ID: 8
File: c:\src\coh\libs\utilitieslib\utils\dirmonitor.c
Line: 156
Expression: dirMonCompletionPort

Error Message: 

  0 (-nosymbols- PC == 0)

Extra Info:
CPU: 2210 Mhz / Memory: 2015 MBs / Video Card: Unknown / Driver Version:
UnknownVendor / Available Memory: 1129 MBs / OS Version: 4.10.67766446 / Video
Memory: Unknown
Render settings: VBOS 0
Render path: 
Render features: 
Acceptable video card driver

Heap is NOT corrupted
Last windows SYSTEM error: Invalid function


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