[Bug 8533] Unhandled page fault on write access / gethostbyname("") -> Winsock problem

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Sat Jun 9 23:30:56 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From vladimiroski at gmail.com  2007-09-06 23:30 -------
There was the problem!.

>From Kubuntu installation, your machine get named "user-something".

>From KNetNetwork Manager I did change 'Machine Name' from "vlad-auroserver1" to
just "auroserver1", but in /etc/host there's not relative change:
--------------------------------- localhost vlad-auroserver1

There, "vlad-auroserver1" remains instead just "auroserver1".

Changing either " vlad-auroserver1" to " auroserver1" or
machine name from "auroserver1" to "vlad-auroserver1" makes the program "work"
(at least that "error" is solved).

Now, two things:

1) I think this is not a Wine issue after your patch.I though changing Machine
Name should do Global change, but maybe there's is a reason for it.

2) Now there's another bug (relative to Winsock and this same program). Now I
have an "warn:winsock:wsaErrno errno 22, (Invalid Argument)." after
"trace:winsock:WS_connect socket 00dc, ptr 0x34f480 { family 2, address, port 80 }, length 16"

I'll attach the current +winsock log. Thanks again Damjan Jovanovic, you were
accurate as usual :)

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