[Bug 8665] winecfg: please do not remove not-present directories

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Mon Jun 11 14:43:25 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From bluedzins at wp.pl  2007-11-06 14:43 -------
Ha! I know what is going on.

Wine (by default?) assigns D: as /media/dvd, so when I list this directory I 
see symlink to /dev/sr0 (device which is mounted in /media/dvd). But it can 
collide when using winecfg.

Steps to reproduce:
a) no CD mounted, run winecfg, no drive D:, list dosdevices, there IS symlink 
for D
b) mount CD
c) run winecfg -> there is D: 
d) unmount CD, run winecfg -> D: is gone, list dosdevices D: is NOT gone
e) a month later
h) mount iso file to some point, run winecfg, add new drive, winecfg will 
suggest... D: drive, accept, close winecfg
g) list dosdevices, now, there are two drives D:
h) unmount iso file, winecfg -- one drive D: for the last mounting point
i) list dosdevices, still two D:
j) month later
k) mount CD as in (b)
l) winecfg, quit winecfg
m) unmount CD

Voila. The k-m steps erased previous settings, erased doubled D: drives, and 
wine does not even remember there was something like iso-file mounted.

n) run winecfg --> no drive D:

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