[Bug 8533] Unhandled page fault on write access / gethostbyname("") -> Winsock problem

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Thu Jun 14 00:32:03 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From damjan.jov at gmail.com  2007-14-06 00:32 ------- will work for multi-homed setups, but you really shouldn't be using it,
because then ping auroserver1 won't work.

The whole issue of "call gethostname() then pass that to gethostbyname() to get
your IP" is broken. It needs you to setup DNS properly, set your hostname
properly (in /etc/hostname or whatever your distro uses), and remove your
hostname from /etc/hosts forcing the DNS server to be called on gethostbyname()
to give your IP. Few people get all this right, hence the problem.

But even more than that, what IP is the DNS server supposed to return in the
case of a NAT? If it returns your internal IP, that works for this issue, but
people from outside trying to get your IP will get an unreachable IP. If it
returns your external IP (and possibly uses twice-NAT), it breaks this issue,
but people trying to get your IP from outside will get a reachable IP. 

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