[Bug 7589] New: fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered

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Thu Mar 1 05:48:54 CST 2007


           Summary: fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered
           Product: Wine
           Version: 0.9.31.
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: wine-binary
        AssignedTo: wine-bugs at winehq.org
        ReportedBy: wes.armour at diamond.ac.uk

I have an intermitent problem where wine sometimes runs a windows app and
sometimes doesnt.

I modified the kernel32.spec file by commenting out the following lines:

@ stdcall FindActCtxSectionStringA(long ptr long str ptr)
@ stdcall FindActCtxSectionStringW(long ptr long wstr ptr)

I did this because I waas getting a runtime error when trying to the windows app. 
I then compiled and installed wine 0.9.31 on fc6.

Now I find that sometimes the app runs and sometimes throws the following exception:

wine DeepSkyStacker.exe 
libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW 0x33fab0 00000088
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxA 0x33fb70 00000088
fixme:actctx:ActivateActCtx 0xf00baa 0x33fbc4
fixme:actctx:DeactivateActCtx 00000000 00f00bad
fixme:actctx:ReleaseActCtx 0xf00baa
fixme:seh:check_no_exec No-exec fault triggered at 0x7c45077a, enabling work-around
wine: Unhandled page fault on execute access to 0x7c45077a at address 0x7c45077a
(thread 001e), starting debugger...
Unhandled exception: page fault on execute access to 0x7c45077a in 32-bit code

I tried adding the kernel line "noexec32=off" in gurb but that hasn't solved the

I've added four native dlls:


and used winecfg to add my app and set the ddls to native.

Any help would be much appreciated!



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