[Bug 7584] Aliens versus Predator EndScene rendering bug

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Mon Mar 5 13:12:21 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From a.hurst at shef.ac.uk  2007-05-03 13:12 -------
Ok, the interesting bit is in a function called SetExecuteBufferDefaults in

You can follow it in the trace right up until it calls SetExecuteBuffer, where
out of nowhere, a call to EndScene turns up.

The return value from EndScene changes the behaviour from here on, despite the
fact that in the entire AvP code the EndScene return value is never used, except
to print a message using LOGDXERR.


Were it not for the fact that _nowhere_ in the AvP code is EndScene called
without a BeginScene first, i'd be suspecting a problem with handling of the
so-called  "RasterThread"

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