[Bug 7606] Regression: Half-Life 2 crashes in engine.dll when loading a level

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Tue Mar 6 00:05:39 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From jrliggett at cox.net  2007-06-03 00:05 -------
Luke: Actually, I found that the crash and level loading problem (by that I mean
HL2 freezing at a black screen where I should see the map) were due to what
seems to be really bad vertex shader problems in fglrx drivers, going all the
way back to as old as 8.27.10 (possibly even further, I only went this far.)
Oddly enough, I get different crashes depending on which fglrx version I use.
But I found out today that HL2 will work great (even the intro video works :-)
if I turn vertex shaders off completely, though that kind of ruins it as the
flashlight doesn't work. 

I guess the bottom line here is that fglrx *sucks* big time... :-(

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