[Bug 7334] Workaround for lack of 8bpp (8-bit, 256 color) support on 24bpp displays

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Tue Mar 6 21:26:19 CST 2007


------- Additional Comments From vanessaezekowitz at gmail.com  2007-06-03 21:26 -------
I'm trying to find the ideal settings/modes to run M$ Pinball Arcade, and I've 
almost got it perfect, but I've run into a brick wall now.  Generally, my 
problems seem a bit worse than any others I've seen thus far...  

My normal display is 2048x1536 24bpp on an AMD 64x2 3800+ machine with 1GB RAM 
and an NV6800 card with the official binary driver, running Kubuntu Feisty (X 
7.2.0, wine 0.9.31).  Wine is configured to simulate a Windows 2000 install 
with a virtual desktop of 1024x768, with hardware pixel shader support enabled.

If I run Xnest and request an 8bppmode, it refuses to start, claiming it can't 
find the "desired default visual" (or something like that), despite a valid 
8bpp mode being present in my xorg.conf.

If I run the game through VNC with just the right settings, I can get what 
seems to be a normal 8bpp display, but the refresh rate is far too low to be 
playable (maybe 10 fps).

If I run the game on a normal 8bpp xorg session with something like twm for a 
window manager, with the default PseudoColor visual, the color map switches 
when the game window gains/loses focus like it should, but the colors are 
garbled regardless of what has focus, yet winecfg and regedit display their 
colors properly when I try those in this mode.

If I run the game in that same mode, but without a window manager, the color 
map never gets properly configured and I end up with a severely restricted 
color set (maybe 8 or so colors and otherwise mostly black) in both winecfg/
regedit and in the game, regardless of what window has focus.

8bpp with Truecolor or DirectColor results in a black window/screen - pretty 
much the same thing I get if I were to just run wine on 15, 16, or 24 bpp 
(except that there is no message on the controlling terminal about not being 
able to switch to 8bpp).

If I run the game in 8bpp with the StaticColor visual, I get what looks like a 
7bpp screen (128 or so colors) but the game is otherwise playable.  I can tell 
that there are still too few colors by comparing against a real Windows box; 
smooth color transitions are roughly twice as fine on Windows as on Wine, but 
still clearly 8bpp.

8bpp with the StaticGrey visual gives me what looks like a full 8bpp 256-
greyscale screen (transitions between "colors" appear to be fairly smooth), but 
I can't be 100% sure about this one.

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